Common Sense Approach to Parenting

One of our most important Role as Parents is to make sure our children grow up to be respectful, grateful and productive members of Society. Implement a Set of Values and Rules from the start and it will make you job of raising kids much easier down the road.

Children learn by observing and listening. You need to be your children’s biggest Role Model and Cheerleader. Examine your own life. Look for what went right and what went wrong when you were raised as a child. What principles, rules and guidelines did you learn as a child? Who was your biggest Role Model then and now? Determine the values you want in your own family.

Set an example, make and stick with the rules, be grateful for what you have and teach your kids to show gratitude for everything they have and practice and teach respect for yourself and others. Reinforce good manners and behaviour by acknowledging such. Showing kindness towards others, whether is is people or animals, is very high on our list as well. At the same time make sure your child knows not be a victim to his or her own kindness. People do take advantage of nice people.

Get some simple, easy to understand and common sense approach to parenting tips from a guy who practices what he preaches. With a wealth of not always commons sense Parenting advice from so called experts it is refreshing to be reminded that it can be simple. Simple yet effective like many of were raised. Our parents were not complicated and over the top when they raised us, and maybe we need to go back in time and look at what really worked.

Dr. Kevin Leman is a Psychologist and New York Times Bestselling Author of more than 40 books. He is dealing with topics that range from parenting, raising children and birth order to business and marriage. He is not the cut and dry or boring to listen to Expert.

I have read many of his books and while they are extremely common sense and informative, he delivers content with a sense of humor. His guest speaker videos and interview are a great source of information for tips on parenting. Watch Dr. Kevin Leman on Parenting and you will love him too!

His simple, very effective and Common Sense Approach to Parenting and Family Lifestyle is truly a Fresh Breath of Air in this seemingly complicated time of Raising Respectful, Productive and Well Rounded Children while maintaining a supportive Family Unit.

Here are some of his books I read and highly recommend.