Consignment Store Treasures

Consignment Store Treasure Hunting is becoming a fun activity for me and the children. I would have never thought to even step into a consignment store until I discovered a little place inside an old strip mall center. I thought of Consignment Stores as places where people discard old, ugly, cheap and used up stuff. The thought of buying something used was appalling until I realized that it all depends on where you go. My particular Store offers anything but cheap and old Items. Most pieces look like new or very well preserved. I have found Items for the fraction of the price of Furniture Stores and just as beautiful.

What to look for

Before I go on a treasure hunt I have a general idea of what I am looking for. I don’t just go to find something, I go with a purpose. I do my homework beforehand to guarantee the best price on an item. I look up a general term on eBay and get the price range for the Item. A while back I was looking for a settee. Settee’s have made a comeback and the price for a simple Settee started at about $ 1200 at the Local Consignment Stores. When I did a search online I could not find anything in the lower price range that also looked nice. With a general idea of the price range in mind I visited my local Consignment Store. As luck had it I walked in and the first thing I saw was a Settee, price tag $ 350. It was in perfect condition, vintage and the price much lower than expected. I jumped right on it and took it home.


Another day I was looking for a large vintage bird cage since our cockatiels were about to be old enough to come home with us. I found many cute and smaller bird cages, mostly decorative, but nothing I had in mind. The manager referred me to the sister store about 45 minutes away. I took my chance to go and look at the huge handmade copper cage but was not impressed. By looking around the store I ended up with one stunning horse painting, which resembled my horses, two very unique side tables and one decorative cage.



On another visit to the same store my daughter discovered some cute. The Items were paintings of the English Royal Hunting Party in various designs on 6 coasters and 4 placemats. It looked like it had never even been used. They were “Pimpernel” Leather in Cork-back Placemats and Coasters for pennies on the dollar.

Screen Shot 2013-08-10 at 12.54.56 PM

Pimpernel Coasters

Screen Shot 2013-08-10 at 12.55.22 PM

Pimpernel Placemats

And this is an Original German Soup Tumbler and Cups. This is something you don’t see anymore.

Consignment Store Treasures

Try to find an upscale Consignment Store in your area. Maybe you get lucky too!