Hey Mom and Dad – Are You Forgetting Something

Stop splitting yourself in half and start thinking about this.

Are Priorities taking over your life? Do you feel like everything is a priority but nothing gets done? How about time for yourself or your kids? When your Priorities are dictating your life it may be high noon to rethink.

When you get that guilty feeling of not having accomplished everything you set out to do at the end of the day, pay attention. When you scramble to fit everything into your day, pay attention. When you feel like everything is a “MUST DO” and there is not much “LIKE TO DO”, pay attention. When you quality time with your children is virtually non-existent because you are too busy with priorities or too tired, pay attention. When you can’t get a good night sleep because you are worried about things you haven’t accomplished that day, or you think about things you have to get done the next day, pay attention.

And this is what I feel like (maybe look like) on some days 🙂

When has life become this complicated and busy? Can you remember a time when you were able to do things you enjoyed? When you slept like a baby throughout the night. When the weekends were fun and relaxing. Remember back! When did it all change? Most of us don’t remember when life went from being simple to being complicated. It simply snuck up.

You raise your kids, you run a household and you juggle work and carreer. Not much time left for you now, is there? Have you tried to set priorities just to realize that everything seems to be a priority? Your brain and your day is clogged up with priorities.

When you feel guilty about not having spend quality time with your kids, don’t dwell on it. When you haven’t accomplished everything you set out to do that day, don’t despair. The day is gone, a new day is coming and you can make changes. And it is very simple. No complicated program to follow, no long lists and carry over tasks for the next day. Once you understand how you got to this point, you can easily fix it. Most people never stop to understand.

You won’t believe how simple this is. Watch this short clip. In a few Minutes you will understand what happened to you. And once you know, simply fix it. Nothing complicated about it. You will enjoy your life much more when you follow this concepts. I promise, it is worth a few Minutes of your time.