Luxury Tree House Living

Luxury Tree House Living

A tree house is every child’s dream. I was fortunate to grow up in a small town in Austria where we roamed the fields and woods freely every afternoon. We played Cowboys and Indians in the woods, building tipi’s and hiding places. We had tree houses constructed of branches and boards, pretty crooked and unsafe at times, but who thought about safety. It was fun. It was imaginary. It was unrestricted. Unfortunately children in today’s age often do not have the opportunity to grow up the way I did. Most children don’t even know what an original tree house looks like.

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Designs for Everyone

Tree houses have come a long way. From fun little playground structures to full size tree houses you can life in, I have seen some amazing tree house designs. I am still fascinated with these structures. Companies have realized that tree houses are a fun way to keep that childhood dream alive in adults. Large and luxurious tree houses can be build just about anywhere with access to the right trees. Some resorts and vacation spots have specialized in offering that green experience of residing in luxurious tree homes instead of hotel rooms. I have been looking for some design ideas and found some pretty amazing luxury designs.

Here is my favorite Tree House Design. I could see myself living in this amazing structure. How about you?

Luxury Treehouse Living