Most Unique Bedroom Designs

What would your Dream Bedroom Designs look like? Would it be traditional, contemporary, modern or truly unique and out of the ordinary? Check out these most unique Bedroom Designs we found and get inspired to design your own.

Every Morning’s a Beach

If you love Marine Life and want to wake up to it, you could consider this design. It may be difficult to build your dream home under water, but your could consider incorporating a huge fish tank in your bedroom design like the two pictures below.

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Hotel & Resort

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Hotel & Resort

Bedroom with Marina View

Fish Tank Bed

Ice Ice Bedding

Do you like it cold when you sleep? Then you should consider this amazing bedroom design built out of ice. If you live in a hot climate like I do, you need to consider the electricity bill before deciding on this design.

Ice Hotel, Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

Ice Hotel, Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

From Bed to Bath

You can just roll straight from your Bed to your Bath. This bedroom design sure looks amazing.

Bedroom with Pool

Flintstones Modern Bedroom

Does that one remind you of a modern Fred and Wilma Flintstone Bedroom Design. If you love the outdoors and live in a place where temps are comfortable all year around and you have no bugs, this one is for you.

Stone Bedroom

Theater Sleeping

Want to go straight from movie to sleep, here is your best bedroom design for falling asleep on the movie.

Theater Bed

Clam to Sleep

Go to sleep in a Clam, wake up feeling pearly. Get rid of that clamped up feeling when you cozy up inside this this fun Bedroom Design.

Clam Bed

Sleep to the Future

This futuristic Bedroom Design looks pretty cozy. Be prepared waking up feeling way ahead of yourself.

Sleep to the Future

Mercedes Bed

Going to sleep in my Mercedes Bed and dreaming about Tomorrow. You too can turn your favorite ride into your favorite Bed.

Mercedes Bed